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Cookshack SM 160 Smoker FLASH SALE

  • City: Bristol
  • State: Connecticut
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I HAVE 6EA LEFT AND THIS WILL BE THE FLASH SALE UNTIL DECEMBER 1ST Who Says you Can’t Smoke All Year Long? This SM160 Wood Smoker Would Prove Them Wrong! This Cookshack SM160 Smoker can be used with pellet or chunk wood, is BRAND NEW in the Box, comes with an extensive starter package, and includes a full warranty. Get Genuine smoke flavor and Professional Smoke/Cold Smoke Quality to smoke meat, poultry, fish (can you say “smoked salmon”), vegetables, cheese and more! Take your BBQ to the Next Level! Copy & Paste to See for yourself: Get that delicious, authentic smoke flavor from smoldering wood in the wood box. This smoker’s oven temperature ranges from 100 to 300 degrees. Food cooks at a low temperature which keeps meat (and veggies if you’re into that) moist and flavorful. It has the capability to produce hot or cold smoked foods. Yep, it even does Cold Smoking! Check out this Lox: Not into Seafood? How about Brisket? Other Benefits Include: • Heat Controller is easy to use and accurate • Easy and Safe Cleaning • Great Heat Retention • Easy to Use AND maintain • Can fit over 100 lbs. per load: o 120 lbs. of pork shoulder o 100 lbs. brisket o 50 lbs. ribs o 20 whole chickens per load This smoker is designed to be used inside with proper ventilation for smoke. Made in the USA and Built to last with tough double walled stainless still construction. This unit plugs into a 110volt plug-in and holds 15amps. Keywords: Traeger, Cookshack, Southern Pride, Louisiana Grills, Country Smokers, Backwoods, Lil' Devils, Mak Grill, Royall Grills, BBQ Pellets, BBQ, Smoker, Smoking Pellets, Webber, Briquets, Bear Bricks, Yoder, Barbecue smoker, BBQ Smoker, Smoked Salmon, Barbecue, Tritip, Smoker, Meat, Ribs,