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Selling MASSIVE Lot of Video/Board/PC Games, DVDs, CDs, Books, MORE!

  • City: Crane
  • State: Montana
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Hello there, fellow CraigsListers! I have spent the last nearly twenty years selling merchandise on eBay and Amazon, and I have been fortunate to have a fair amount of luck doing so. Over the course of the past couple years especially, I have accumulated a fairly substantial inventory from which I've been selling regularly; I certainly have no problem continuing to do so, but I am facing some rather disruptive major life events that may require me to move shortly, so rather than pack everything up for relocation, I have decided that I am going to extend a one-time offer through Thursday, January 3 to liquidate my e-sales inventory and pass along this money-making opportunity to another lucky seller. I would love to provide the title of every single item I currently have available for sale, but due to the rate at which I sell and acquire new stock, I guess that's not particularly feasible... So I'll just say that I am currently selling a HUGE number of classic, rare, and collectable items, mostly computer games and DVDs, but also a fair number of video games (PC/Mac as well as NTSC-U and import console games), vintage computer items, peripherals, and documentation, board and card games, VHS tapes, music CDs, vinyl LPs, and books, some of which are exceptionally rare and valuable. The total list value for the items listed on Amazon is just under $18,000 (and the majority of those items is currently the lowest-priced for its condition), while the list value for the eBay items is over $20,000. With this total value of approximately $38,000 in mind, I am asking only $5,000 for the entirety of my inventory, including all items I do not currently have listed, which comprise roughly another $500-$1,000 in merchandise. The nice thing about selling this inventory is that the vast majority of the items are available for perusal online, but I am of course more than happy to meet with prospective buyers to show you all of the items and to address any questions which cannot be answered via phone or email. My understanding is that links to eBay and Amazon storefronts are not permitted in CraigsList ads, so unfortunately, I can't post them here; however, if you'd like to take a look at some of the 1,000+ items which are included in this inventory, please feel free to email me and let me know. These inventories don't include all the items I'll be including--probably close to 90-95% by quantity and 98-99% by value--so I have included a few pictures of the current inventory below, to give some idea of the sheer volume of merchandise available for purchase. As I mentioned, the resale value of this lot is easily in the neighborhood of $35,000-$40,000, and I will also include anything else I purchase for resale between the time of this ad's posting and the sale date. This is an amazing investment opportunity, whether you're an established reseller or looking to get started with a substantial initial inventory. Three important points to consider 1. The price on this lot is $5,000 firm, cash only; I have absolutely no problem retaining this inventory and continuing to sell as I have, so there will be no haggling whatsoever, and I am not accepting trades, checks, or credit cards. I will write up an agreement of sale which can be signed and, if needed, notarized, in order to ensure that both you and I are fully protected. To sweeten the deal, if a sale is made within two weeks of the date of this posting (on or before Saturday, December 22), I will throw in a collection of Magi Nation trading cards that are not technically included in my inventory but are a part of my personal belongings; this collection is easily worth between $200 and $300, if not more. 2. This is an all-or-nothing deal; I will not split up this lot by selling, for example, only the DVDs, only the video games, or only the vintage computing merchandise. 3. Given that the purpose of liquidating my inventory is to avoid the hassle of packing and moving this merchandise, please plan to bring your own boxes and perhaps recruit some friends to assist in loading everything into your vehicle. I am located in north Vancouver in the Salmon Creek neighborhood, so if you would like to arrange to meet at my location and take a look at the merchandise in greater detail, you're welcome to do so. (SERIOUS POTENTIAL BUYERS ONLY, PLEASE.) Additionally, when and if an agreement of sale is reached, please make sure you have a sufficiently spacious vehicle to allow for pick-up (likely a small to mid-size U-Haul or, if you don't mind making multiple trips, a largish pick-up). You can reach me by e-mail, text, or phone at the contact locations provided above - my name is Chris, by the way. Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions, and thanks for taking the time to check out my ad - have yourself a great day!