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Pasture Shredding, Pasture Mowing, Box Blade Work, and Tractor Work

  • City: Altoona
  • State: Pennsylvania
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I have tractors equipped with a front end loader, rotary cutter/shredder, finish mower, box blade, post hole digger, and pallet forks. I can mow or shred pastures and lots. If you have a large residential lot you want a nice lawn mower looking cut; I have a finish/grooming mower that provides a nice lawn mower looking cut. I can also blade existing driveways to remove pot holes and ruts or build new driveways and parking areas. I can do site prep work for new home constructions to include clearing the building site and leveling the site. I can also do clean up and leveling of the site after construction. I also have a gopher machine or rodent ridder that creates gopher burrows or tunnels and drops poison into the burrows or tunnels to eliminate your gopher problems. I can also move equipment or haul hay. Call Brent at 979/277/4O89. Free estimates and competitive rates. PayPal accepted. Find us on Facebook at Central Texas Pasture Shredding Services offered: pasture mowing and shredding box blade work driveway construction driveway repair to remove ruts and pot holes gopher eradication equipment and hay hauling brush clean-up and removal finish and grooming mowing services for large residential lots or small pastures site preparation and leveling for new home construction and site clean up and leveling after construction. Keywords: pasture mowing, pasture shredding, finish mower, grooming mower, box blade, driveways, pot hole removal, gopher, site preparation, mowing, bush hog, tractor work, driveway material, brush removal, equipment hauling, hay hauling.